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You’ve probably heard it said that “leaders are readers”.  Pastors and spiritual leaders are deeply shaped and affected by the books they read.  When pastors and other church leaders mention these books on their blogs, in sermons, or elsewhere we pass the names of these books on to you.  Hopefully you’ll find the right book that you’re looking for just at the right time you need it.  I’m constantly overwhelmed by the number of books mentioned on the blogs I frequent, so I wanted to start keeping a record of all the books mentioned so that I could read them when I had the time or needed them.  Somewhere in the process of keeping the list, I thought it’d be good to share it on a blog.

If you would like to see other pastors’ readings mentioned, or have any general questions, please email  You can also follow us on Twitter at @Xianleadersread.

My name is Jay McGuirk, and I’m the Connections Pastor at First Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS where I have served since 2008.  I have a passion for seeing people grow spiritually through Bible study and community as they know, love and follow Jesus Christ.  I have a beautiful wife, Jennifer, and two young sons, Riley and Nate.  I love all the cliche’ things like coffee, music, sports and theology, but only if it’s good coffee, great music, college sports and good theology.  You can follow me on Twitter at @humanivy.

  1. Hi Jay:

    If you are interested I just completed a review of Grant Jeffrey, “The Global Warming Deception.” It is posted at my blog – or here if they want to rate the review – God bless you today.

    Mike Spaulding

  2. bjdoureaux permalink

    What a great idea! I’ll be keeping an eye here for stuff to add to me TBR list.


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