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Walking Where Jesus Walked: Worship in Fourth-Century Jerusalem

June 9, 2011

Scot McKnight:

It is worth the price of a book,  Walking Where Jesus Walked: Worship in Fourth-Century Jerusalem (Church at Worship: Case Studies from Christian History), just to read the account of Egeria, a nun who kept a travel diary of a 3-year pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 4th Century. In addition, plenty from Cyril of Jerusalem – and a vision of what it looks like when Scripture’s Story occupies center stage in worship. What was worship like — in Jerusalem — in the earliest days of the establishment of the church there?

What can we learn from ancient worship in the church? If you could adapt or adopt one element, what would it be?

Here are some highlights of this book, a book that is the first in a promising series about worship in the church. The books are designed to be as wide-reaching as possible, with devotional exercises and group questions as well as primary sources to read and consider, maps, charts, timelines, and they hope these books will be used in classes as well as in church groups. If this book is a good example, they will succeed in this task admirably. The book can be read by anyone interested in the history of worship.

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