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Is God a Christian?: Creating a Community of Conversation

June 9, 2011

R. Albert Mohler:

In many ways, Is God a Christian? is not really a serious work of theology at all. Its arguments are too thin and unsubstantial and its structure is pervasively eccentric. Godsey rejects orthodox Christianity and frames his own theology but studiously avoids any real engagement with the Bible. He writes a book filled with critical judgments, but includes not a single footnote.

But, even if this book falls short of a serious theological treatise, Godsey does deal with the most serious theological issues. And the great tragedy is that he repudiates orthodox Christianity at virtually every turn. Heresy, by definition, is a gravely serious matter.

At the same time, this book also serves as a warning of where Southern Baptists were headed by the decade of the 1980s. Though Godsey’s views are not representative of most SBC “moderates” who opposed the conservative redirection and recovery of the denomination, Godsey and his heresies have yet to be repudiated.

To the contrary, Kirby Godsey has been a major figure in moderate Baptist life. His leadership at Mercer University was championed and fiercely defended by the moderate establishment, and this book is published by Mercer University Press. Godsey is credited with envisioning what became the New Baptist Covenant meeting in Atlanta in 2008, largely convened by former President Jimmy Carter. An event celebrating the book, complete with a book signing, is scheduled for the upcoming meeting of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Tampa, Florida.

Is God a Christian? presents a trajectory and set of theological arguments that reveal what happens when biblical authority is denied and the faith once for all delivered to the saints is repudiated. This book is an unmitigated theological disaster.


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