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Tim Challies List of New Books for Church Leaders

June 6, 2011

The list:

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  1. If You Bite & Devour One Another: Biblical Principles for Handling Conflict by Alexander Strauch. Strauch is the go-to author when it comes to books related to church leadership. If You Bite & Devour One Another is the only book of its kind, examining all the biblical passages on conflict and outlining key scriptural principles for handling various kinds of conflicts among Christian—whether personal disputes, issues of Christian liberty in lifestyles, congregational matters, or disagreements about important doctrines. The book emphasizes Spirit-controlled attitudes and behaviors through solid Bible exposition and true-to-life stories of Christians handling real-life conflicts in a Christ-honoring way.”
  2. Elder Governance: Insights into Making the Transition by Daniel Evans & Joseph Godwin. This book speaks about making the sometimes-difficult transition from a board-run church to a church governed by elders.  Elder Governance: Insights into Making the Transition examines church government from a biblical and historical context and tells the story of Patterson Park’s transition. The authors are hopeful that God will use their experience to help others considering such a transition.”
  3. Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals: Applying the Gospel at the Unique Challenges of Death by Brian Croft & Phil Newton. I guess the title pretty much says it all in this case. I love that DayOne is willing to continue to publish niche books like this—books that can be extremely useful when put in the right hands. Here’s what the publisher says: “Our calling as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to make Christ central in all we do. Yet, in many funeral occasions, the gospel of Jesus Christ is lamentably overlooked as the primary purpose of the funeral service and that upon which all true hope depends. The aim of this book is not just to inform you of all the different kinds of important logistics, challenges, and practicalities that often accompany any funeral, but so that you will know how to apply the power of the gospel in the midst of those unique challenges.”
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