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Reforming Fundamentalism: Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism

May 10, 2011

Justin Taylor posts on the relationship between Billy Graham and Bob Jones, Sr:

In the mid-50′s Bob Jones Sr. and Billy Graham increasingly moved farther apart over issues of separation from and cooperation with modernists. The “bridge too far” was Graham’s major six-month crusade at Madison Square Garden in 1957. The two men became exemplars of fundamentalism and neo-evangelicalism and went in different directions.

I have the sense that younger evangelicals today are often ignorant of the modernist-fundamentalism divide in the early twentieth century, followed by the fundamentalist-evangelical divide in the mid-twentieth century. But there are great lessons for all of us to learn from studying these important events, including the virtues and flaws of our forefathers in the faith.

(A good historical introduction is George Marsden’s Reforming Fundamentalism.)


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