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Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society

April 29, 2011

Brad Lomenick interviews Timothy Willard and Jason Locy about their new book, Veneer:  Here’s an excerpt:

In the world of veneer the focus is on the promotion of self and “How can I get ahead?” Of course this is the complete opposite of what it means to be a leader (and the opposite of how we were meant to live in general). Deep down we recognize this but there is a tension that exists as we try to fit in with a culture that says, “To be a leader we need to be relevant and savvy and have a platform.”

So, we have to move past that type of thinking. We have to realize that what is successful in the eyes of the world is not always the right choice. This begins with some introspective work as we evaluate our motives.

There is a great quote by Henri Nouwen that touches on this idea: “The leader of the future will be the one who dares to claim his irrelevance in the contemporary world as a divine vocation that allows him or her to enter into a deep solidarity with the anguish underlying the glitter of success and to bring the light of Jesus there.”


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