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Renovation of the Church

April 29, 2011

Scot McKnight:

“First, in spite of wonderful stories of outward success and church growth, we believe that the church in North America is in serious trouble.” That was written by Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken, two pastors and now authors of this book: Renovation of the Church: What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation. This book is not “another success story.” The book is their journey of pastoring the same church together — Oak Hills Church of Folsom California.

There may be other books like this; I’ve not seen them or even one. This book tells a story multitudes of pastors need to hear and churches need to hear.

The question of the day: What are you doing to combat competition and focus on spiritual formation? Or, how much is this a struggle for you?

This book tells the story of changing the DNA of a church from an attractional model to a spiritual formation model, and they made mistakes and tell about them. “It has been a costly journey.” They lost over a thousand people in this journey. Some came back; some didn’t. This story is the story from a Willow Creek model to a spiritual formation model, and it is not critical of Willow so much as it is an indictment of the North American church. It is the story of what happens to people who grow up on the megachurch model who encounter Dallas Willard and Eugene Peterson.

“The attractional model, we believe, is fundamentally flawed and will not be able to produce in any significant way the kind of Christ followers church leaders want to produce” (26).


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