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How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In

April 28, 2011

Michael Hyatt interviews Jim Collins about his new book, How the Mighty Fall:

I asked him five questions:

  1. In the book, you talk about “markers” that demonstrate when a company is moving into “Hubris Born of Success” (chapter 1 in the book). Are there also markers that demonstrate when an individual is moving into ego?
  2. If humility is so critical to sustained success, what happens if an organization’s primary leader doesn’t have it? Can the organization succeed or is it doomed?
  3. Can a company diagnose itself in terms of the five stages of decline or does it take someone from outside the organization to do it?
  4. Since greatness can be twenty or so years in the making, what are the markers that tell you whether or not you are on-track?
  5. How do leaders help their organizations acknowledge progress, so they keep getting more of the behaviors that lead to sustained success?

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