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Church Diversity: Sunday The Most Segregated Day of the Week

April 26, 2011

Tony Morgan interviews Scott Williams about his new book, Church Diversity.  Williams says:

[Diversity is] biblical and the church must wrestle with it if we want to fulfill the Great Commission, which let’s us know that diversity matters to God.  I truly believe that local church is the hope of the world, and the bottom line for the church is winning people to Christ.   If we want to reach our modern-day Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the World, we must wrestle with this issue.  It doesn’t make sense for us to turn our back to this real issue, when we live in the most racially inclusive time period in modern-day history.  The church can’t remain stuck in the past.  Author, William Inge says it this way; “The Church that marries the spirit of an age becomes a widow in the next generation.”   We’ve got some work to do, the time is now and we are the change!  Let’s Go!

Pete Wilson talks about the book here.

Kent Shaffer gives his take on the book here.


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