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John Stott–A Portrait by His Friends

April 15, 2011

Paul Levy has been reading through John Stott: A Portrait by His Friends edited by Chris Wright.  Levy says:

His successors at All Souls speak warmly of his influence. He loved the Gospel so much he wanted others, particularly those who followed him, to flourish. There seems to have been no sense in which he undermined. If you compare what happened at Westminster Chapel in the aftermath of the Dr to the transitions of All Souls from John Stott to Michael Baughen to Richard Bewes to Hugh Palmer, you have to say there is much to learn from the Anglicans in this.

Other highlights:

An issue close to Carl [Trueman]’s heart will be the chapter on John Stott’s influence on the arts and media!!!!!!

There is a moving chapter by John Wyatt on how John Stott has coped with old age. It’ll come to us all.

There may be much I disagree with John Stott about but what came across to me was the overwhelming godliness of the man and  that here is someone who embodies 2 Timothy 2 – he has been the hard working farmer, the disciplined athlete and the focused soldier. The astonishing self discipline that God has used in John Stott is something to give thanks for.


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