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A New Kind of Big

March 23, 2011

Ed Stetzer shares a book by Chip Sweney called A New Kind of Big: How Churches of Any Size Can Partner to Transform Communities. Sweney says to Stetzer:

The primary themes in the book are collaboration, relationships, mobilizing lay leadership, and developing a strategic plan. Collaboration is not just a nice buzzword but is a must in today’s world if we are going to make the most impact for the Kingdom. Perimeter’s collaborative focus has been in building relationships with non-profit organizations and other churches. As we launched Community Outreach in 2002, we made the decision that we would partner with existing ministries and organizations rather than starting new ministries to serve “the least of these” in our community. This turned out to be a wise decision. Our partners have empowered and equipped our people for serving in ways that we could never have done. We had a deep desire to see significant change in our community and city, and we realized that no one church can change the community. It must be about churches working together, and not just churches from the same denomination or ethnicity but a broad representation of the Body of Christ. We have been proactive in seeking to work together with any other Christ-centered churches who share a passion for blessing our community and city through the gospel.

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