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The Trial

March 21, 2011

Scot McKnight has been reviewing Tim Keller’s new book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus at his blog.  McKnight notes how Keller connects the Jewish purity laws of Jesus’ time to Franz Kafka’s novel, The Trial, which is about the sense of being wrong which Keller ties to the human sense of being unclean.

Says McKnight:

Four strategies we use to absolve our sense of guilt and uncleanness, and each of them is an outside-in job:

1. Religion, by which he means performance.
2. Politics, and here he shows that progressivism believes if we change laws and structures the world will be healed.
3. Popular culture’s obsession with celebrities that don’t make us better.
4. Christian ministry, and the sense that if we preach good sermons we will be righteous/approved.

Then Keller proposes the solution: Jesus is the one who declares all things clean because he is the one who is clean. He heals the unclean and makes them clean. The law has been fulfilled in and by him.


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