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Four Views on Hell

March 3, 2011

Continuing with the explosion of debates about Hell on the internet, Timmy Brister gives this quote from Four Views on Hell, edited by William Crockett.  The quote is from Clark Pinnock explaining why he abandoned the traditional view of Hell:

I am rejecting the traditional view of hell in part out of a sense of moral and theological revulsion to it.  The idea that a conscious creature should have to undergo physical and mental torture through unending time isprofoundly disturbing, and the thought that this is inflicted upon them by divine decree offends my conviction about God’s love.

Brister also gives this quote from Ajith Fernando’s Crucial Questions About Hell:

The universalist idea of the whole (message of the Bible) contradicts such a significant portion of the parts that it simply cannot be regarded as a legitimate representation of the whole. . . . When we ignore those parts of Scripture which we find unpleasant, we will end up with an understanding of the message of the Scriptures that has no place for wrath and hell.


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