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Grace-Driven Sex

February 15, 2011

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day, and Jared Wilson took the opportunity to talk about grace-driven sex.  In an excellent post, he references three great reads on women, sex and the Christian life.

I recently had a woman in our church confess that she believed the Lord was leading her to lead a small group for women.  In trying to explain her thoughts, she said, “I just think women aren’t having enough sex with their husbands, and I want to lead a group that tells them that.”  After offering to sign my wife up for the group on the spot…and having a good laugh, I realized what the woman meant was that she wanted to lead a group where women can talk openly about these things.  The book she’s planning on using to lead the group around is the second one mentioned below by Jared Wilson:

1.  2.  3. 

  1. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
  2. For Women Only by Shaunti Feldman
  3. Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Kevin Leman

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