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Growing in Christ

February 14, 2011

Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk references a book in a post on catechisms that was seminal in his early Christian life.  The book is Growing in Christ by J. I. Packer, and it is a guide to Christian basics focusing on the Apostles Creed.  Mike says:

How odd! I thought. Why would someone choose those particular texts as a foundation for making disciples?

I was confused. Didn’t Packer know about the Navigators memory program or Campus Crusade’s follow-up studies for the Four Spiritual Laws? Why, one of those texts he was calling us to study isn’t even Scripture! And what’s all this “sacrament” stuff? Didn’t he know that infant baptism has no Biblical basis? And sure, Communion is special, but why talk about it in a book about basic Christian beliefs?

Such was the extent of my youthful evangelical ignorance.

Valedictorian at Bible college and I didn’t really know much about the Reformation or, indeed, anything at all about the history and traditions of the church. I was a “solo Scriptura” kind of guy. And all the poorer for it.

It’s time to give Dr. Packer his due for bringing the concept of the Reformation catechism back and introducing it to clueless evangelicals like me.

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