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What Bradley Green is Reading

February 11, 2011

John Starke gives the third installment of “What are your reading habits?” and this time he asks Bradley Green.  You can click here to see the lists by Carl Trueman and Fred Sanders.  Here is Green’s list:

1.  2.  3. 

4.  5.  6. 

7.  8.  9. 

10.  11.  12. 

13.  14.  15. 

16.  17. 


  1. For the Love of God by D. A. Carson
  2. Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton
  3. A Short History of England by G. K. Chesterton
  4. Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver
  5. Visions of Order by Richard Weaver
  6. Defense of Tradition by Richard Weaver
  7. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  8. The Rhetoric of St. Augustine of Hippo by Richard Leo Enos and Roger Thompson
  9. Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar by Gary Pratico and Miles Van Pelt
  10. Engaging With Barth by David Gibson and Daniel Strange
  11. Theophilus by Michael O’Brien
  12. The Doctrine of the Word of God by John Frame
  13. Science Vs Religion? Intelligent Design and the Problem of Evolution by Steve Fuller
  14. Why Us? How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves by James Le Fanu
  15. A Clear and Present Word: The Clarity of Scripture by Mark Thompson
  16. God the Peacemaker: How Atonement Brings Shalom by Graham A. Cole
  17. Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek by Constantine R. Campbell
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