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Unprotected Texts

February 9, 2011

Jason Boyett posts on the topic of sex in the Bible, and in doing so, references Jennifer Wright Knust’s new book, Unprotected Texts: Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire.  He says:

A religion professor at Boston University and an ordained American Baptist pastor, Dr. Knust appears to have written the book as an attempt to steer the discussion of biblical sexuality away from religious conservatives and toward a less sugar-coated perspective on the text.

I haven’t read the book, but it’s getting some attention this week, presumably because 1) it’s about sex (period, full stop). And 2) it’s about sex in the Bible. Also, Unprotected Texts is the best title ever.

Albert Mohler has this to say about the book:

Jennifer Wright Knust follows a very different game plan in Unprotected Texts,though she shares Coogan’s rejection of biblical inspiration. Knust, who teaches religion at Boston University, bases her revisionism on the claim that the Bible simply lacks any consistent sexual ethic. “The Bible is not only contradictory but complex,” she insists. Some parts of the Bible “promote points of view that, from a modern perspective anyway, are patently immoral.”

An ordained American Baptist pastor, Knust argues that the Bible is so contradictory when it comes to sexual matters that we cannot gain any consistent sexual ethic from its pages. Her agenda is clear from the start — she wants to overthrow the normative authority of the Bible on matters of sexual morality.


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