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The Power of Persistence

February 4, 2011

Thom Rainer hosts an interview with Michael Catt, author of The Power of Persistence: Breakthroughs in Your Prayer Life.  Catt is the pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church, the Georgia church behind the films Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and the upcoming Courageous. An excerpt:

Although prayer is one of the areas where we struggle the most, I find that people are looking for tools to help them in their prayer life. I’ve heard from parents, particularly younger parents, who are struggling with how to raise their kids in a world filled with terrorism, crisis, and fear. I’ve had countless people tell me the chapter on praying for the lost has helped them pray specifically for their lost family members, neighbors, and friends.  One of the transformational things a church could do would be to establish a prayer ministry where the community is prayed for and people are prayed for by name. For several years at Sherwood, we would call every person in the phone book and ask them how we could pray for them. It was amazing the opportunities we found for ministry. I’ve had a number of pastors who have used it as a basis for sermon series on prayer, which I find encouraging. Anything we can do to get people to raise the level of their praying is beneficial. 


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