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Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land

January 24, 2011

Joshua Harris talks about the new government crackdown in Iran on Christians since Christmas 2010.  In the post, he mentions a book about the recent history of Iran and the spread of the Gospel there called Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land by Mark Bradley.

Many Christian leaders in Iran would estimate that there have been 1 million Christian converts in Iran in the last 31 years, the majority of whom have been converts from Islam. This fact – that muslims are moving towards Jesus and his gospel and away from Islam – is widely hidden in the media, and largely unknown by those in other Islamic countries.

We can pray that this suffering results in more opportunities for these brothers and sisters to bear witness to the truth. We know from Scripture, and in particular the book of Acts, that it is in the times of intense persecution that God often grows his church and shows his unstoppable power. It is often in the scattering of believers that the seed is sown into unreached territory. The believers in the house church movement in Iran have been expecting this persecution and, in many respects, have been prepared for it


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