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Generation Ex-Christian

January 19, 2011

Ed Stetzer interviews Drew Dyck about his new book, Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults are Leaving the Faith…and How to Bring Them Back at his blog.  About whether young adults will return to the faith when they’re older:

I would love to believe that there will be an automatic return. Unfortunately there are factors that I believe make this generation different.

First, young adults today are dropping religion at a greater rate than young adults of yesteryear–“five to six times the historic rate,” according to social scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell.

Second, young adulthood is much longer than it used to be. Marriage, career, children–the primary sociological forces that drive adults back to religious commitment–are now delayed until the late 20s, even into the 30s. Returning to the fold after a two- or three-year hiatus is one thing; coming back after more than a decade absence is considerably more unlikely.

Third, I believe there’s been a tectonic shift the broader culture. Past generations may have rebelled for a season, but they still inhabited a predominantly Judeo-Christian culture. But for those reared in pluralistic, post-Christian America, the cultural gravity back to the back to the faith has weakened.


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