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Why Jesus?

January 12, 2011

Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk is “eagerly diving into” Why Jesus? by William Willimon, a look at the radical teachings, self-sacrifice and liberating life beyond death of Jesus and how it shows us the purpose of our lives.  A quote from the introduction:

Why Jesus? Because he is the most fascinating person in the world.

Into my life he came, unsought and uninvited, took over, and refused to go. He led me into dangerous territory. Only later did I learn this is typical. Though he is one with us, he is neither casually nor promptly known, not because he is arcane but because he is so very different from us, so difficult to categorize or to define, because he is also one with God. You can know him for many years, yet never really know him as well as he appears to know you. He manages to be unfathomable, deep, ungraspable, and yet oddly close, intimate, talkative, and relentlessly relational.


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